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Joan Sickler became enchanted with voice and language early on
and today finds it ecstatically expressive...

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A Painter's Kitchen: Intro
By Margaret Wood
New Mexico Library for the Blind

Lensic Theatre Events
KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio

Santa Fe Symphony
KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio

Valley Verde School
KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio

KSFR Book Sale

St. John's College
KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio

Santa Fe Girls School
KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio

Santa Fe Art Institute
KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio

Santa Fe Concert Association
KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio

Areas of interest:
Voice Overs



  • Completing the exceptional training for voice over offered by Voice Coaches at Creative Voice Development Group, Schenectady, NY

  • Recording ads for KSFR, Santa Fe's only public radio station.

  • Theatre study at the community college level and performance as Kes in a scene from Lee Blessing's "Independence," as well as acting in a locally written one-act play presented to the Santa Fe Playwright/Directors Unit.

  • Developing stamina and breath control for over a decade through swimming and yoga

  • Addressing countless groups in labor-management meetings around the country and giving speeches at professional roundtables in New York City and Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Reading for the Blind, newspaper interviewing and reporting.

  • Singing with university choral groups of 300 voices, performing under Dave Brubeck's direction his own composition Light in the Wilderness.

  • Studying and using Spanish and German in South America, Germany and Austria.

  • Participating in state-level forensic competitions drew praise.

  • Always harmonizing as a first alto in choir and madrigal groups under very talented directors, she sang in school musicals like Finians Rainbow and HMS Pinafore that improved range and diction.

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